Regina Hord

Regina Hord is a Florida native, born in Melbourne, Florida. She grew up partly in Georgia and partly in South Florida, spending a year in Hawaii somewhere in between. She's been living in Tampa for the past 7 years after coming here for college and settling down after graduating from USF and marrying her husband Jeff. She is a mom of two-year-old Jacob and five-year-old Jeffrey.

In 2012, when Jeffrey was 18 months old, Regina bought a FIT4MOM Franchise and it's been growing ever since. She loves the fact that she can bring moms together to gain the support they need from each other in this crazy journey though motherhood, while working out with their babies, making new friends and spending time with their little ones. Stroller Strides has changed her life and she loves sharing the program with other new moms, while working from home with her babies. Her favorite thing about Stroller Strides is teaching her boys that fitness is fun and doesn't have to be something you dread doing and she loves seeing FIT4MOM kids 'play Stroller Strides' outside of class.

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