April Mom of Month Lindsay Jimison

Meet April Mom of the Month: Lindsay Jimison. Lindsay and her husband Aaron are parents to two, very charismatic little boys. Ty Owen, age 3 1/2 and Cash Carter, age 4 months. She has attended Stroller Strides for over 3 years becoming a member when Ty was just 8 weeks old. Known as a "veteran" mom, some of you may remember Lindsay as a former Citrus Park/Hyde Park instructor where she taught stroller strides for almost 2 years. Lindsay was known as the "themed" class instructor having fun themed classes every month. "Do you know the Cronut Man" routine, based off the famous Piquant restaurant croissant-donut pastry, was a crowd favorite in Hyde Park. After taking some time off for her pregnancy with Cash, she has come back in full force. You can normally find Lindsay at Starbucks after class or at the zoo with her kids.

10 interesting facts about Lindsay:

1. I'm a wedding planner! I've been planning weddings for 10 years and have planned over 100 weddings and hundreds of events. The most interesting wedding I've planned was a Nigerian wedding with 400 guests. The king and queen of Nigeria were even in attendance!

2. I love to make people laugh. Nothing is more fun then laughing with your friends.

3. I am horrible at sports... But I can cook a mean pot roast!

4. My dogs are litter box trained.

5. I've got the best husband. I've been with him for 14 years and he is my best friend. We started dating in college as freshman and the rest is history. He is also amazing as a dad. He is the kind of dad that sits on the floor and plays cars for hours. I'm very lucky.

6. I like to go to the movies by myself. I don't mind going with other people, but I find it liberating to just go and sit and watch a movie by myself sometimes. It's peaceful.

7. I worked at Shriners Children’s hospital for about 3 years as a nurse’s aid while in college for nursing. It's then that I realized the site of blood makes me queasy so I quickly changed degrees and got my bachelors in Mass Communications specializing in Public Relations.

8. I've been mushroom hunting with my dad. Apparently morel mushrooms are a hot commodity in Illinois. I could have sold those shrooms for a pretty penny, but we just added them to spaghetti sauce instead.

9. I've been told I look like Reese Witherspoon, Lindsay Wagner and a young Christie Brinkley... None of which I think I look like but I've been told by multiple people. How I look like 3 separate people baffles me.

10. Being a mom has taught me how to multitask. I've learned I can breast feed a screaming baby while helping my oldest go potty on a public toilet. Reminding him to not touch anything... all inside a store trying to find a matching outfit for the boys to wear at Easter.

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p: 855-534-8666