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February Mom of Month Chantel Excell

Meet February Mom of the Month Chantel Excell, mom to Aslan, FIT4MOM Mom's Club Captain and Salon Owner Pearl at Sola Salon Studios. Chantel has been planning amazing playdates form the word go for our North Pinellas Mom's Club and her passion to reach out to mom's needing a village shows through her desire to one day become a counselor and Doula. Here are a few fun facts you may not know about Chantel!

1. I was homeschooled for 6 years because I was testing out of multiple grades.

2. I'm originally from Bluffton Indiana and have lived in Florida for 7 years.

3. I have 4 siblings, 2 biological 2 adopted.

4. I was born 6 weeks premature weighing just 4 pounds.

5. From our first date to our wedding day was only 6 months.

6. I've been married almost 7 years.

7. My husband and brother are very talented musicians and I can't play a single instrument.

8. In 2009 I was diagnosed with cancer and beat it in 2010.

9. I am a cosmetologist and own a studio salon in palm harbor.

10. I hope to add doula, counselor, and personal trainer to my resume one day.

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