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Finding Balance in Motherhood- Feature by July Vendor of the Month

As a mom, wife, yogi, and business owner it is essential that I live in a state of balance.

Some days I nail it. I’m calm, grounded, and confident while other days I find myself frazzled and a true “Hot Mess.” (<--That’s right capital H, capital M.)

As a mom and wife, I need to find balance so that life stays pretty pleasant for our family of three.

As a yogi, I need to maintain balance so I don’t fall on my face in certain yoga postures.


As a business owner, I am responsible for guiding busy women to a life of balance by empowering them with simple, mindful strategies that help them become exactly who they want to be.

In my individual and group yoga programs, I start each session by checking in with how they feel and how they would like to feel after their session.

The response I get most often is that they want to feel more balance in their life.

Does that sound familiar?

Balance looks different to everyone.

It is in your best interest to take a few moments and determine what it looks like to you.

Once you have an idea of what you want your balance to look like, you can start working towards it. Working towards balance without a clear picture, will leave you working blindly.

Do you want to be the mom whipping tasty, healthy snacks out of your diaper bag?

How about being the woman who owns a business and makes it to playdates almost all the time?

Do you want to be the mom that isn’t only on time but early for that 9am circle up at Stroller Strides?

Are your dreams made up of you coming home from work to your kids and still having the energy to make dinner, do baths, play, and be the world’s best mom to them?

No matter what kind of woman you want to be, you can get there with one simple technique.

In fact the most balancing and grounding practice in yoga is very simple. It is also relatively intuitive. Since it is natural for us to do this ONE thing though, we tend to be lazy about it.

Are you ready?

The secret to balance is YOUR BREATH.

You breathe all day, right?

Yes. BUT you aren’t mindful of it. You just let it happen.

Your breath is the body’s natural detoxification process. The fuller your inhale and the more complete your exhale will lead you to find more balance.

My suggestion is to spend 5 minutes during the day (whenever works for you, but before you desperately need it) and JUST BREATHE!

Focus on pulling your inhale in through the nose and then pushing it out through the nose. If you are comfortable, close down the eyes, and enjoy some time collecting your thoughts.

Try to bring the inhales and exhales into balance. And enjoy as your mindset follows.

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We are happy to have Kerin Monaco as our July Vendor of the Month!

Kerin Monaco guides busy women to a life of balance, strength, and calm through yoga, meditation, and self-study. With over 500 hours of teaching experience, she works with students privately and in small groups. She teaches in the Tampa Bay area as well as virtually. Members of FIT4MOM Tampa Bay enjoy a 20% discount on private and group classes. To set up your first session, contact Kerin at Please enjoy the following blog post by Kerin.

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