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June Mom of the Month: Ashley Regan

Meet June Mom of the Month Ashley Regan, a rare native Floridian who is wife to Ben and mom to Matthew. Known to her fellow Stroller Strides friends as always having a smile on her face, there are many reasons why you selected her as your mom of the month. "She is always at class and always has a big smile. She is also one of the first to offer help if it is needed by any Mom."

1. I met my husband at a mutual friends party in college. He had already graduated and was a flight instructor with the Air Force in Ft Walton Beach. We dated long distance for 3 years before he moved to Clearwater.

2. I went to UCF and got a degree in Criminal Justice. I originally had a job with FDLE when I got out, but went to work for the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office in their Forensic section as a Forensic Imaging Tech. I basically looked at crime scene photos and DUI videos all day and worked on fingerprints. You name it I’ve seen it!

3. I have an 8 year old, tri-colored Welsh corgi named Wednesday (from the Adams’ Family, not the day of the week). She’s a herding dog, so she’s constantly walking around and driving us crazy. She’ll also run around the house like a mad dog for about 5 min a day and freak out Matthew.

4. My parents divorced when I was 3 and both remarried when I was 10 and 11. My dad and step-mom now live in Seattle, my stepsister lives in New Zealand, my sister lives in Charlotte and my stepbrother lives in South Tampa. So there’s always somewhere to visit!

5. I moved up to Sumter County for 4 years to help my mom with her farm and our company after my husband got a job flying drones for the military overseas. He did two tours in Iraq and three tours in Afghanistan. We moved to Tampa when he got back and after Matthew was born.

6. I’m a closeted Country Girl. I used to hunt and help my stepdad a lot on their farm. I used to have an airboat and would go out frog gigging. I’ve helped deliver calves; castrated donkeys and cows, taken care of chickens and would go to cattle auctions.

7. I’m a firm believer in our 2nd Amendment.

8. My husband says my tear ducts are seared shut because he’s only seen me cry once and that was at my grandmother’s funeral about 6 years ago. I just rarely show emotion, but I think having Matthew has made me more of a softy.

9. I now run a facility maintenance company with my mom and husband. We repair the inside of Wal-Mart’s and Sam’s Clubs and my husband repairs the parking lots. Ben and I both work at home and manage not to drive each other crazy! We’re a good mix of goofy and serious.

10. My son has made me a better person and without him, I never would’ve joined Stroller Strides and never would’ve met some amazing moms!

"I love going to Stroller Strides (basically every day) not just for the work out, but also to see other moms helping each other and lifting each other up."

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