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Motivating Mom of the Week: Chrissy Pepitone

Meet our Motivating Mom of the Week, Chrissy Pepitone! Chrissy is mom of 4, Caden (6), Ashton (3), Broden (2), and Dexson (6 months) and has been a part of FIT4MOM for over 5 years. ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ๐ŸŽ‰

Her favorite class is Strides 360 and here's what she loves most about FIT4MOM: "My favorite thing about FIT4MOM is meeting and getting to know new moms while building friendships along the way. Not only did I gain some great friends that I know will last a lifetime, but my kids did too. I like being able to get a good workout in while giving the littles something to do. They enjoy the fun interactions and songs during the workouts, and they are learning without even realizing it! "

Here are some fun facts about Chrissy!

  • Iโ€™m originally from a small town in Michigan and moved here in 2009.
  • I taught 2nd and 3rd grades before staying home with my kids.
  • I love bonfires, and camping is a favorite of mine.
  • My favorite motto is โ€œless is moreโ€ - yes, even with 4 kids. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  • I love birthdays and celebrating them!
  • I enjoy a good country concert!
  • I love random dance parties with my boys.

Chrissy has attended over 540 classes with FIT4MOM Tampa Bay!!! Here's what the mamas that nominated her said: "Chrissy has 4 boys and yet always seems so calm and collected. I admire her "go with the flow" personality and her ability to get anywhere and do anything with all her boys! I have 1 kid and it's a struggle, haha. Chrissy is always smiling and positive whenever I see her and her crew of boys are so kind and polite, too! I'm really happy that I've been getting to know Chrissy more and more :) " and "She is so committed and always super friendly and mom to 4!"

We love having Chrissy and her family in our village!

We love featuring members of our village!

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