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Motivating Mom of the Week: Katelin Edwards

Meet our Motivating Mom of the Week, Katelin Edwards! Katelin is mom of 5, Jack (age 11), Bella (age 7), Elsa (age 6), Kendyl (age 5), and Elijah (age 1). She has been a part of FIT4MOM for 6 months!

Her favorite class is Pound (just for her!) and Stroller Strides for her and Elijah and here's what she loves most about FIT4MOM: "I absolutely love the other mommas! They are all the kindness most down to earth women I've ever met. All of the coaches are motivating and always positive, they will always have your back rather your giving 110% or just there to get out of the house and move."

Here are some fun facts about Katelin!

  • Been married 8 years but started dating in 2004 while in 8th grade
  • Love sports especially football
  • Took dance for 11 years as a kid
  • Love the beach and sunshine
  • From Kentucky
  • Enjoy family time

Katelin has attended over 30 classes with FIT4MOM and here's what the mama that nominated her said: "Katelin is motivating because she is a mama of 5 kids and just keeps is real! She's always smiling and is so welcoming to all of the moms in class. I love talking to Katelin about mom life and life in general! "

We love featuring members of our village!

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