New Partner: Outdoor Technology

Hey FitMOMS! We have an exciting new company for you! Meet Outdoor Tech®. Outdoor Tech®, is the leader in rugged wireless audio & portable power and the makers of Stuff You Probably Want®.

Why Outdoor Tech® & FIT4MOM? Well, they wanted to create a product that is guaranteed to keep us going hard during our workouts, charged on our longer days out of the house, and keep us safe and visible on our nightly strolls. So, not too long ago, they designed and created the perfect product for moms and now all they want us to do is use it, love it and after a few uses, rely on it just like we rely on our kiddo to make each day the best of our life.

What product is that, you ask? It goes by the name of the Buckshot Pro, and you can hear and see it wherever you go. It’s a 3 in 1 speaker, flashlight & power bank, so you can charge your phone while you’re out of the house and on a stroll. The convenient thing about it? It straps right onto your stroller, or anywhere for that matter. Let the kiddos pick out the color – comes in 6 different ones!

They are super excited to get this product in your hands by offering a special 30% off to all FIT4MOM members. Use the code: ODTMoms at checkout on

I also really, really love the Calamari plug! If your family is mixed-tech family (yeah, I made that up) then you'll love this plug! It's a charging cord that fits with Apple AND Android products (I know, right?!). This universal, badboy is sure to come in handy without having to carry multiple charging plugs.

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p: 855-534-8666