September Mom of the Month: Jaclyn Amirto

Meet September Mom of the Month Jaclyn Amirto; Stroller Strides playgroup captain, newly certified instructor and mom to Theo. She may be busy planing her November wedding but that does not stop Jaclyn from planning amazing activities for our North Pinellas families as well as joining our team as an instructor. There are many reasons you chose Jaclyn as your Mom of the Month, for instance one new mom said "I was searching for other mom friends as all of my friends had older children. I randomly met Jaclyn at a Library playdate and she told me all about Stroller Strides. I have been attending class ever since and so happy with the friends we have made!" Read 10 fun facts you didn't know about Jaclyn.

1. First and foremost, I have a giant sweet tooth, really a whole set of them!

2. I've been pretty active throughout my life and completed my first triathlon at 8 years old. In more recent years, I have run a few Savage races as well as various 5k's. The Savage was fun but there were a couple of glow runs that were a blast!

3. Not really about me but my son Theo has the best birthday ever, 12/13/14! He also shares this date with one of my good friends who's wedding date it was. When I think back to how naive I was when my water broke in the wee hours of Friday morning, I actually thought there would be a slight chance that I could still make an appearance at her wedding. Lol. Boy was I wrong.

4. I really enjoy group fitness classes, so much so that in my early 20's I would still make it to 8am classes after being out all night. Now as a mother I still make it to the morning classes after being up all night with Theo but somehow it feels so much harder. Props to all of the mamas who make it in the mornings.

5. I LOVE Reese's peanut butter cups, especially frozen My soon to be hubby is allergic so I don't get to enjoy them as often, which is really a good thing if you think about it.

6. My first job out of college was in marketing and sales for a national candy company, there were perks! See first entry.

7. I have traveled all over Europe; in one misadventure I was skiing in Germany with a friend and we ended up on opposite sides of the mountain. After several hours trying to learn enough German to find my way back, we were miraculously reunited. It was one of THEE BEST feelings in the world.

8. My first and eldest son is a shiba inu that looks strikingly similar to a fox. People always comment about his looks and ask what his name is...I'm ashamed to say it's Fox! Listen, I didn't name him, he was a rescue.

9. I don't tan, just freckle. As a kid my uncle used to tell me I got freckles from eating too much peanut butter. I didn't care I kept eating my fill! I was pretty gullible.

10. I've also got a slight addiction to sushi! There were weeks where I felt like I could eat it everyday and I think I may have gotten close. There was a place near my job that not only offered a great sushi lunch special but also delivered! Needless to say, it didn't take much to convince me to ditch my brown bag!

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