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12 Rainy Day Activities for Indoor Play

This post is in partnership with FIT4MOM East Tampa & Becky Strawder with Tinkergarten Brandon

Rain rain go away, come back another day (a far off, way way other day.) Florida is known for a lot of things like sunshine, beaches, great back water and big trees. There is SO much goodness here, and sometimes thunderstorms are apart of that! While we love a good thunderstorm, being stuck inside with kids can make you go stir crazy!

So you may be stuck inside, while we weather the storm, BUT use these ideas to keep your kids entertained, learning and happy! Try some out, and tell us how they go! Here's where this post comes in!

We've partnered with Becky from Tinkergarten Brandon who has come up with are TONS of indoor activities you can do with your littles. Tinkergarten helps families get outside (even if it's figuratively sometimes) to make the most of their kids’ early learning years.


Nature Crowns

These were a big hit at our last enrichment group. Just some poster board strips and double sided tape and whatever your littles can find. Strips of tissue paper, construction paper, or any other art supplies you may have lying around will work if a quick trip outdoors isn’t possible.


Lantern Making

This is a fun one we will be doing at the end of this season for our annual Lantern Walk, but I thought it was perfect as a “just-in-case-we-lose-power” activity. How fun would it be for your littles to see their handiwork being useful to their family! Helpful Hint: Plastic cups and Jars will work in place of mason jars.


Make Music

Who doesn’t love a good jam session? This is a great way to include the entire family and pose a distraction. Put some rice in some containers and shake it around. If you’re feeling brave bring out the pots and pans. Do whatever feels right and get lost in the moment together.


Cozy Hideaway

The classic fort is a perfect stand-by for any rainy day. Find a spot and get creative. Grab a couple flashlights and some books and get cozy while waiting out the storm. Make the sound of the rain and the wind a peaceful background instead of the focus. For an extra fun twist on the cozy fort, make it an Art Fort. Incorporate cardboard or large pieces of paper in your build so they can draw and color in their cozy little nook.


Make a Forest Friend

Storms can be scary to little ones. Making a cute little forest friend together can be the perfect thing to help them feel calm and give them a Buddy to snuggle with. Added bonus, you can warm it up for a little extra comfort. FYI: Publix has big bags of rice on BOGO.


Forest Putty

This is such a fun activity to do with your littles. They can help measure and pour in the ingredients and get the stirring started. Once the putty gets hot you may want to take over. Helpful Hint: If you have a standing mixer with a kneading attachment use that while the dough is at its hottest. Once it’s cooled some finish kneading with your hands to get the desired consistency.

Feeling Crafty? Check out these fun and simple craft ideas:

  • Paper Plate Ring Toss: Cut the middle out of some paper plates. Use a paper towel tube taped to another paper plate as the post. For some extra fun, let your littles get creative coloring the “rings”.
  • Table Ball: Tape paper or plastic cups to the ends of a table. Take turns rolling small balls across the table to “score”. For older kids assign scores to each cup.
  • Flight School: Cut out random size circle in a poster board. Make paper planes and take turns trying to fly them through the circles.
  • Paper Plate Umbrellas: Cut a paper plate in half. Attach a J shaped pipe cleaner to the bottom. Have fun decorating the umbrellas.
  • Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets: Glue googly eyes to small Pom-poms. Glue the Pom-poms to a pipe cleaner then wrap the pipe cleaner around fingers to make “puppets”. Have fun trying to make different characters by attaching “ears” from other materials or pipe cleaners.
  • Rain in a cup: Fill a clear cup with water. Squirt shaving cream across the top. In another cup add food coloring to some water. Then use a syringe or spoon and sprinkle the colored water across the top of the shaving cream. Watch as the shaving cream “cloud” grows heavy and it begins to “rain”.

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