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July Mom of the Month: Sarah Steinkopf

Meet July Mom of the Month Sarah Steinkopf, a native Floridian who is wife to Luke and mom to Liam. One of FIT4MOM Tampa Bay's newest instructors and on hiatus as a third grade teacher, Sarah brings enthusiasm, energy, and fun themed workouts to many of our locations. There are many reasons why you selected her as your mom of the month. Said one mom who nominated Sarah, "she rolls with the punches in just about every aspect of her life and she always has a smile on her face. She is an awesome person, mom, and will make an awesome instructor!" Read 10 things you didn't know about Sarah.

1. I was born and raised in Florida. I grew up in Palm Harbor (my parents still live there) and moved to South Tampa when I went to the University of Tampa.

2. I met my husband, Luke, through a high school friend. They worked at the same company, and she went up to him in the elevator and asked if he was single. The rest is history!

3. I have a large, close family. My oldest brother lives in Colorado with my sister-in-law and 3 kids. My sister lives in St. Pete and my youngest brother lives in New York City. We go visit both brothers at least once per year.

4. I was a 3rd grade teacher for 7 years, and I've always been interested in fitness. Stroller Strides is the perfect job for me. I love it!

5. I have my CDL drivers license! (Which means I can - and did - drive a school bus!) I coached tennis at St. Mary's Episcopal Day School, and all coaches were required to have one.

6. I've had a variety of jobs - hostess at Country Pizza Inn and Innisbrook, waitress at Bahama Breeze, sales associate at Abercrombie and Finch and Forever 21, tutor, teacher, and now fitness instructor! I have to say, the last 2 were/are my favorite!

7. I helped start Amy's Fresh Delivery, a local produce delivery service. I wrote the "Health and Wellness", "Healthy Recipes", and "Mommy's Corner" blogs.

8. I'm lucky to say that some of my closest friends were people I went to elementary school with!

9. I graduated from the University of Tampa with an Elementary Education degree. Then, I was hired as the 3rd grade teaching assistant at St Mary's Episcopal Day School. The following school year I became a lead 3rd grade teacher. I loved every minute of teaching and plan to go back someday!

10. I started attending Stroller Strides when Liam was 4 months old. I was so nervous before my first class, but that went away almost immediately! I think it was fate that the training to become an instructor was in Tampa. I love teaching class and am so grateful for the friends I've made...and the friends Liam's made! I couldn't imagine my life as a parent without it.

p: 855-534-8666