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June Vendor of the Month: Mama's Village Gifts

Meet June Vendor of the Month Cassidy Mann, mompreneur and creator of Mama's Village Gifts. Mann brings the comforts of home to her beautiful custom crafted gift sets for pregnancy, labor, the postpartum period, and the breastfeeding experience.

While pregnant with her son, Mann became very passionate about natural birth. "I really had/have a desire to be a doula, but the schedule just wouldn't work in my life quite yet. I was looking for a way somehow be involved in the birth community. I recently started giving postpartum sets to my friends as shower gifts so that's how it all evolved."

The products are natural, organic and sourced from small businesses. Wether you want to comfort a special mom during labor or look to support her post partum, Mama's Village Gifts has the right choice for you.

Special pricing for the month of June! Mama's Village Gifts is offering $5 off a gift set!

For your chance to win a special "Create" pregnancy gift set, register below!

For more information, options or to order visit Mama's Village Gifts at or email at:

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