New Mama Tips: Exercising While Babywearing

FIT4MOM is a Stroller-based Fitness company committed to providing top-notch stroller-based workouts, but we do understand that sometimes baby gets fussy during class so we are able to modify your workout to create a safe workout for you and your baby if wearing your baby is necessary during one of our stroller-based classes.

Carriers 101

While many types of carriers exist, the best type for working out is the Soft-Structured Carrier (SCS).

The SCS is easy to use and can accomodate infants through toddlers. It's also comfortable and supportive for both mom and baby.

There are many SSCs to choose from. Moms should consider cost, style, features, and personal comfort. Look for one that has the option for a wide leg, seated carry. Local to Tampa Bay? Check out a meetup Tampa Bay Babywearing group so you can try out multiple carriers.

Positioning for Baby while Exercising

In reference to the soft-structored carrier, there are multiple position options for baby.

The two we recommend for working out include:

  • The front carry with baby facing mom
  • The back carry with baby facing mom

Please note, we DO NOT recommend exercising with baby facing outward.

If baby is under 6 months:

  • Child should be worn on your front, facing in. Legs should be in an ergonomic and comfortable "M" position, and head and neck should be supported with a headrest or hood.
  • Wear baby high on the body, ensure baby can maintain an open airway by keeping their chin off their chest. Baby should be high enough positioned on your body that you can kiss the top of their head.
  • Young babies sometimes have difficulty regulating their temperature, therefore as you start to get warmer it is important to take breaks, use a breathable carrier, and monitor the child for signs of overheating when working out at our outdoor locations.
  • We want to be cognizant of baby's developing spine and hips and allow baby to remain in a natural, yet secure position, while mom is working out. Other positions may be great for sight seeing or day-to-day use, but may not be what is best for the support of mom and baby during the workout.

See below a list of exercises we recommend to do while wearing baby on front or back. Your instructor at Stroller Strides can help you find the best moves for you to still get a great workout while wearing your baby! Haven't been to a class yet? Try a free class on us!

babywearing moves.jpg