November Mom of the Month: Allison Jason

Meet November Mom of the Month: Allison Jason. Allison, wife to Sal, mom to Ava and creator of the "Will work for cupcakes" tank top, has been attending Stroller Strides since Ava was an infant. While Allison will say she does not "workout" she loves a good challenge in class. Those that know Allison know that if you need anything accomplished she is your woman! There are many reasons you voted Allison as your Mom of the Month such as her infectious smile or creativity with Ava's home made outfits!

Read 10 fun facts you didn't know about her below:

1. Before having Ava and joining Stroller Strides I would have described myself as "shy, quiet, and reserved". I used to get anxious just thinking about having to answer the icebreaker question during the warm-up and would specifically place myself across from the instructor so I would not have to go first. Stroller Strides brought me out of my shell and I credit our awesome instructors and Village with that. Thank you for making this new mommy- and new Tampa resident- feel so welcome, included, and comfortable from the get-go! You all will never know just how big of an impact you have had on me.

2. I don't work for Gymboree, I just love it! I pay the same as everyone else for a membership and for the parties, but they do realize I bring in a lot of new people and they never mind if Ava and I show up for an extra class or two.

3. I hoard Easter candy every Spring so I can eat it all year long. Specifically Cadbury eggs (cream and caramel). If pregnancy ever has you craving a Cadbury egg in August, I'm your girl!

4. The High School Musical movies are a guilty pleasure of mine (I own all three!) and I actually had a very small hand in HSM 2. I sold the costumer the red and white board shorts Ryan wears in one scene and I helped the costumer track down the swim caps seen during the "Fabulous" number. Fun Fact: the costumer bought 5 pairs of board shorts so he could take them apart and make the matching hat Ryan is wearing.

5. I own over 50 Lilly Pulitzer dresses (I have never been brave enough to count all the other Lilly clothes and accessories I own too). But in my defense, I worked for the Lilly Signature Store on Palm Beach for 6+ years, so they were work clothes (and I got them at a great discount!).

6. I bought baby Lillys while working at the store too- even though I was still years away from even trying to get pregnant. I could get them at such a good price and I figured I had a 50/50 shot of having a girl- thank goodness I did!

7. I look just like my mom, who looks just like my grandmother, who looks just like my great-grandmother, etc. I have looked at photos of my mom as a child and thought they were photos of me. I'm curious to see if Ava ends up being a carbon copy of me/us too.

8. I eat like a 5-year-old. In fact, there is a good chance a 5 year old (or even your toddler) eats better than me. I hate fruits and vegetables (with the exception of raw broccoli and cauliflower dipped in Ranch dressing, which I only eat maybe once a year) and I could live off of chicken fingers and grilled cheese.

9. I love to craft, sew, and quilt- I made all of Ava's nursery bedding- but I have no desire to turn my hobby into a business.

10. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a wife and mommy. Turns out it is even better than I ever dreamed!

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